What are the most common problems when renovating house

The renovation of the house can face problems and unforeseen events of various kinds. Let’s see how best to solve them with careful management of the work.

The renovation of a house is always an important choice for those who own a property, but also for those who decide to buy a house in poor condition to be renovated. Often this solution is as complex as it is satisfying, since it offers the opportunity to fulfil one’s desires both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view, modifying spaces and finishes according to one’s personal tastes and needs. Not always, however, everything goes smoothly and you can find yourself facing various problems in the renovation of the house. Here are some useful suggestions to solve them in the best possible way, avoiding waste of time and money.

Increased costs: a common problem in renovation work

Whether it is a complete renovation or works dedicated to a single part of the building, it is very frequent that the final cost of the interventions will prove to be higher than the estimate. It may seem like a phrase made, but in fact the budget set at the beginning of the work is almost always far exceeded as you proceed with the renovation. The problem, however, does not necessarily arise from the incorrectness of the construction company, but from the coming into play of new and unexpected factors that, unfortunately, are among the main problems in the renovation of the house.

If the estimate takes into account what is the “visible” situation, it should be borne in mind that many factors that are difficult to predict may force to vary part of the work, to use different materials, in practice to change the project in progress with consequent changes in the overall cost. If the unexpected, by their nature, are not quantifiable in advance, it is equally true that it may be useful to start with a slightly lower budget so as to be able to cope with any changes without additional expenditure or excessive lengthening of time caused by the need to supplement the amount available.

In any case, it is always important to contact a company capable of ensuring a careful prior verification of the state of the property and to rely on an experienced designer and able to offer a precise picture from the earliest stages. Only in this way can the risks be reduced. To find out more, you can request a free quote.

Extending delivery times

Just as the increase in renovation costs is very frequent, one of the most common problems is the lengthening of delivery times, a source of anxiety and stress when the need to move is pressing, or living in the same building where the work is being carried out, when noise and dust begin to be difficult to bear. On the one hand, the extension of time can be linked to what we saw in the previous point: if costs rise, it may happen to have to temporarily suspend the work to be able to replenish the budget, thus distancing the long-awaited time of delivery of the work.

Even unplanned interventions that are more complex than the initial project can create problems regarding delivery times. When this happens, renovating a house can become a very stressful activity. That’s why the previous advice is even more important: minimizing mistakes in the design phase by turning to competent staff, is the best way to avoid any waste during the renovation.

An expert and trained technician will be able to evaluate every aspect of the building on which work is to be carried out, immediately identifying any critical issues and proposing solutions that can optimize time and costs. In addition to this, it is important that the company to which the renovation is entrusted has resources and means suitable for the type of project to be carried out. An undersized staff or obsolete equipment can, beyond what is expressed in the estimate, cause even considerable delays.

Attention to contracts and guarantees

As with any purchase of products and services, another important advice is to pay close attention to what is stated in the contract before signing.

Unclear clauses or clauses expressed in microscopic characters can hide nasty surprises, such as explicit authorization to vary costs and times without the consent of the customer. Therefore, it is always necessary to ask for clear estimates and contracts, as well as precise guarantees on any problems that may arise both during and after the work.

This is the only way to prevent the risk of being trapped in unpleasant situations that are difficult to manage without resorting to legal action at the end of the training period.


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