How to Pressure Wash the Outside of Your Home

If you’ve recently noticed that the outside of your home is very dirty, then you’re going to want to read this article. I’ll describe to you step-by-step pressure washing process on the outside of your home. Particular will be discussing pressure, washing equipment, high pressure washing products for cleaning and washing pressure safety. To do a good washing of working pressure, you must have the correct washing pressure of the equipment.

Washing pressure equipment can be purchased at your local hardware store or rented at the nearest equipment rental store. If you own your high pressure washer or rent one, make sure before you start that the pressure washer is in a good working condition. If you are renting your washing pressure make sure the sales representative starts for you before you take it home. Also, make sure that there are no fuel leaks and that the pressure washer runs smoothly. You may also want to check the operation of the wand and nozzles before you start.

Once you get to the pressure washer set and ready to use, stretch the entire tube and out so that there are no bends. Attach the rod to the end of the tube and connect the tube to the pressure washer. The best thing is to use a 45Β° nozzle for washing pressure houses. Make sure this nozzle is securely installed at the end of the rod. Connect a garden hose to the water supply in your home and also to the pressure washer. Turn on the water and start your pressure washer. Never allow a pressure washer to set it to run idle for more than two minutes without pulling the trigger. If a pressure washer runs for more than two minutes without having the trigger pulled on the rod, it will cause the pressure washer pump to overheat. Overheating the pump will cause internal damage and will no longer be able to pump water.

Safety pressure washing is the priority! Make sure you have the correct scales to complete the work. If you are going to be doing two or three floors and walls of your house it is best to have another person to help with dragging pipes and holding down the bottom of your ladder for safety. Never point the washing pressure spray at anyone and never put your body parts near the nozzle. Pressure washers produce an extreme amount of water pressure and serious injury if they do not come into contact with your body. It is important to pay attention to your work and what is going on around you at all times. Always think about safety!

If your home is just dirty from street dust or in a dust field you will probably just be cleaning it with pressure and water. If you are in an area that has a lot of moisture, then the odds are that you will have mold and algae growing on your home. To remove the mold and algae you will need to mix a pressure wash solution for cleaning. 5 gallon bucket and add 3 1/2 liters of water, 1 gallon bleach liquid and 1/2 cup tide and mix thoroughly. Spray of pressure washing of cleaning solution with a sprayer pump to the entire section that you are going to pressure wash.

Start pressure washing one side of the house until you have completely gone around the house. Start at the highest point of the house and work your way down. Start from the left and right overlap and fanning your wand as you complete the job. Keep your nozzle about 12 inches away from the surface of the house. Spray for pressure washing solution for cleaning the house needed.

So, as you can see, following these detailed steps will help you when the time comes for you to pressure wash the outside of your home. Always remember to take care of your equipment, take your time and be very safe.


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