Existing balcony extension: what is important to know?

Existing balcony extension: what is important to know? Here’s all the information you need to get on with it and avoid making mistakes.

The extension of a balcony of a condominium can be implemented, according to the legal order in art. 1102 and 1120 of the Civil Code, provided that security and stability are not compromised.

of the building, the architectural decoration is not altered, the building is not depreciated and the works do not make some parts for common use or exclusive use of a single condominium useless. To proceed, it is necessary to make a request to the Municipality.

A qualified technician must present the building permits or DIA/CIA/SCIA. Obviously, the project must comply with national legislation or local building regulations. As regards the safety and stability of the building, it is essential to have recourse to a specialist technician, who must deliver the structural project to the competent office.

In addition, in the event that the works of intervention affect the common parts of the condominium building, the request for an extension of the owner of the apartment on which the works are to be carried out, must be accompanied by the authorization of the assembly of the condominium. However, it is important to underline that, even if the authorization is issued by majority, it is possible that the individual condominium appeals.

This may be the case if he can prove that the intervention will cause damage to his home, depriving it of light and air. Once the extension works have been completed, it is necessary to provide for a new stacking of the building, with the consequent recalculation of the millesimal tables of the condominium. And in case of an inadequate extension of the balcony the amnesty is always possible? Obviously not. It depends on the circumstances.

Balcony extension work: what do you need to do?

The extension of an existing balcony involves the extension of the floor. This means that new structural calculations have to be carried out in order to guarantee the safety of the building. In addition, it is essential to proceed with the waterproofing of the ground, so as to safeguard the entire structure, and provide for the creation of a new pavement.

The choice of cladding must be consistent with the style of the building and the functional needs of the balcony owner. However, the extension of the terrace also leads to the creation of a new parapet. It is possible to opt for a masonry solution, which requires little maintenance and ensures excellent privacy.

Wrought iron, wood or PVC railings are aesthetically pleasing, but do not create an effective barrier against prying eyes. Once this work has been completed, it is essential to plaster the new walls. To avoid problems, it is essential to use special paints, able to withstand the action of the weather and temperature changes. The best thing is to rely on professionals.

Balcony extension: expected costs

How much does the extension of a balcony cost? Answering this question is difficult, as a lot depends on the space you want to create and the choices that are made during the work. In addition, you need to

consider the manpower and professionals that are needed to deal with the bureaucratic paperwork and to give life to the project.

In most cases, the expense is not contained.


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